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Ayrton Senna helmet smashes auction record

Nearly a quarter of a century ago, one of the most famous F1 drivers of all time  kill in a horrific crash. His legacy lives on, with fans still willing to pay top price for memorabilia. In a recent auction, a helmet that he wore during the 1990 championship, with radio still in situ. Sold for more than £140,000, a new auction record.

Senna leaves another, arguably far more important, legacy in the sense that he brought the subject of race safety to the fore. Indeed, safety at F1 races has improved beyond recognition for both drivers and spectators in the ensuing years.

Senna’s safety legacy

While other drivers have died during, or as a result of, a crash at an F1 race. Ayrton Senna’s death was a such a huge media spectacle that the establishment could do little else but react to the massive outpouring of grief that followed. Indeed, Roland Ratzenberger had died just the day before Senna on the same track. But because it was a qualifying race, there were fewer spectators and media coverage. According to the Telegraph, this public outpouring allowed those who had been campaigning for tighter safety controls at F1 races to push through changes.

Ayrton Senna helmet smashes auction record

Where to watch an F1 race

With more than 20 races in just about every corner of the world. There are plenty of opportunities to watch a race up close and personal. Whether you choose to sit at Club Corner at Silverstone or La Source. At Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, there is a range of tickets and views to please most spectators. If you want a truly memorable experience, why not plump for the F1 Paddock Club Monaco? If you’re wondering how can I get to the F1 Paddock Club in Monaco, you will need a VIP pass, and there are many companies who can arrange an entire package for you. While there are many spots where the views of the race are safety barriers. The Paddock Club isn’t one of them.

While some might say that it is a sad testament to the sport that. It took the death of a high-profile driver to change the face of safety in the sport. It is now undoubtedly far safer than it has ever been.