The Vulcanus Scholarship

The Vulcanus Scholarship program is a scholarship which aims to increase industrial cooperation between the European Union (EU) and Japan. It is a student exchange project that qualifies Engineering students, Architecture students and students studying the Sciences. These students have to be in the last year of their undergraduate course or ready to embark on their postgraduate degree. The Vulcanus Scholarship was made possible by the European Commission and Japanese Ministry of Economy back in 1997. So far, 355 students from 25 EU countries have been granted this prestigious scholarship over the 14 years since its birth.

The main objective of the Vulcanus scholarship is to create industrial placements for these students. There is a number of advancing Japanese companies which host the scholars. They will see to it that the scholars will gain understanding of Nihongo or the Japanese language, their rich culture and the foundations of Japanese industrial companies. The final yet most crucial goal they intend to achieve is for the European students to be capable of interacting socially and professionally with the Japanese people.

A Vulcanus Scholarship aspirant needs to be an EU citizen. They also need to be a student of engineering, architecture or the sciences to qualify. Aspirants need to pass several documents that will be reviewed. Among these documents are applications forms, CV or curriculum vitae, resume, recommendation letter, complete transcript of records and grades and the university’s grading system. These documents will be reviewed and taken into consideration. Around 150 students will be selected from the bulk based on these documents. Each Vulcanus scholarship aspirant will have to create a letter to the hosting company which will play a big part in their qualification. The final decision lies in the hands of the hosting company.

Once you have been drafted, you are going to experience a chance of a lifetime. There will be a 4-month language program waiting for you. This course will not only teach you the basics of learning Japanese but it will also incorporate Japanese traditions and culture. If by chance, a scholar is already proficient with the language, he or she will be placed in a class that is equal to his / her proficiency. Another highlight to be experienced is cultural activities, seminars and factory visits. All of these are simply an introduction to Japan and to your 8-month internship at your hosting company.

The Vulcanus scholarship is truly something to be pursued. It opens a new world to unlimited possibilities. To be working for a cutting-edge Japanese company and to be learning from them is truly an unforgettable experience and definitely one to be treasured.