Fer Martin Entertainment 5 social media strategies for car dealers

5 social media strategies for car dealers

If you run a car dealership, social media is an essential marketing channel for engaging with potential customers – especially cash or credit-happy millennial buyers who are ready to buy a new car! But how can you leverage social channels for best effect? These ideas will get you started.

5 social media strategies for car dealers

1. Use Facebook for targeting

Facebook is a great platform for online advertising, and you can target ads to users who have shown that they are interested in buying a car. Use geographic targeting and then adjust your adverts to meet gender, car type, interests and other variables. Car ads have been shown to be twice as effective as getting a click through than average Facebook adverts, so the investment is worthwhile.

5 social media strategies for car dealers

2. Make use of Twitter

Research by Marketshare found that over $710 million of car sales was driven by Twitter in 2013 – and the figures are growing. Use the channel to share news, updates, new car listings and other quality content and use those hashtags wisely.

3. Target Millennials on Instagram

The image sharing platform is particularly popular amongst Millennials, and car dealers can build and share their brand story with images and videos. Look to share lifestyle images that help potential buyers to imagine their life with one of your cars – at a sports event, away on holiday, parking by a lake, or in a city centre… be creative.

4. Share vids on YouTube

Most car buyers head to YouTube to see car reviews and walk-throughs, so create quality vids and embed these both into your website and on your own branded YouTube channel. This will help to build organic search SEO visibility and build trust in your dealership brand. From info vids about motor trade insurance from quotemetoday.co.uk through to the latest electric car reviews, there are plenty of ways to create great video content.

5. Remember Pinterest

It may be a less obvious site, but Pinterest has a huge female base, and it’s a powerful channel for car marketing as a result. It’s also a great route to SEO gains because you can share plenty of content which drives social signals and bring traffic to your website.

Which of these channels will you focus on next as you build your digital marketing strategy and start to see those conversions grow?